Reasoning Technology is an online meeting place where people hash out issues and make decisions. The AI agent participates and guides the discussion. Conclusions are analyzable and can be cross examined. Minimum viable product will be in less than one year from closing of the seed round.

Value Proposition

As a legal tool Reasoning Technology will be used by lawyers to help them communicate with clients, compliance officers, and colleagues. The tool will be used by parities in arbitration and mediation, with the assistance of participation of profession arbitrators and mediators. During negotiation the tool documents both conclusions and rationale for those conclusions. The tool will be used in litigation to structure discussions and improve judicial efficiency.

Reaching the Market

Needs based market research resulting in customer profiles, and against these profiles we will engage in social media, and design advertising campaigns We will directly solicit enterprise customers and integration partners.

Revenue Model

Customers subscribe and use the tool on our server, with a tiered premium services. Enterprise purchase licenses and run the tool on their networks. Also, we play well with others. Companies will integrate our tool with their own applications, and pay on a license tiered on click throughs.