Reasoning Technology makes use of AI to assist people through the process of making decisions. In this manner people may reach decisions that they can understand. Our approach to AI has turned out to have important advantages.

With conventional approaches to AI the goal has been to reach conclusions directly while leaving people out of the process as much as possible. It is unavoidable that such AI will be positioned to replace people, but this is an unstable situation given the current state of the art. A symptom of this instability is the explainability problem, which is also called the analyzability problem.

The explainability problem is serious. Take for example, when a human scores a bank loan application or makes a hiring decision, there are laws and conventions that must be followed so as to safeguard against certain types of prejudicial or otherwise known to be flawed thinking. However, such flawed thinking might be exactly what an AI did before reaching an unexplained conclusion.

Reasoning Technology is a better approach to AI. Our company is currently focused on assisting lawyers in constructing litigation arguments and legal theory. We will soon expand to reach insurance professionals, physicians, and laymen who wish to engage their peers in discourse.