The Reasoning Technology software as a service assists people who are engaged in logical discourse. This can be any number of people from one person collecting his or her thoughts to a large group trying to come to a unified opinion. We have found our product is attractive to senior partners who want to review and possibly engage the legal theories being assembled by his or her firm, to litigation teams who appreciate having something embodied and interactive to focus upon, and to those who wish to better communicate litigation scenarios with their clients. Related areas include helping parties who are negotiating to reach resolution, inspection reports where reasoning is supported by evidence, the justification of triage decisions, in helping people better reach an understanding of discovery material and intelligence, in assembling and interpreting directives and orders, among other areas.

As a secondary product we support a formally correct Chat application to better organize discussions that are formal or where the transcripts will have implications. It assures that messages appear in correct order, that access to the conversation is fair, that participants are identified and have agreed to the basis of the chat (for example if an NDA is required), and if logging is turned on that logs are organized and available.

Our products are used by select invited customers under NDA. If after reading through this description you are interested in being one of our select customers please sign-up for an account and explain your need to us.